Tuesday, December 13, 2011

When it works

I had some kids leave a while ago. They were my favorite. I know you are not supposed to have favorites, but I do...so there. They were Matt's favorites too, though he will not admit it. I don't have any contact with them, but I do creep on there Mom's facebook. She posted a new picture of them with Santa. They look happy, healthy, clean. They look like they are home. When the system works that's what happens. They go home, they stay there, they thrive there. When the system works they go home to a place that is safer, healthier, and more stable than the one they left. It is the best thing, when families heal. Adoption is a good, but it is a band aid and it leaves definite scars. When the system works they move forward as a family and they don't look back. When the system works you are left holding some pictures and a broken heart. When the system works it is bittersweet for you, but for them it is just sweet. That's what matters not what you are left with, but what they are left with. Not what you want but what they need. That is what being a foster parent is.

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  1. We are first time foster parents, 4 months. We got a 2 yr old little girl the day we were approved. We have thought she was going back every month sice we have had her. But that did not stop us from getting so very attached especially our children who love her so much already. I really hope she can go back home if things work out but I also have to admit I will be a little heartbroken.
    I enjoy your blog!


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