Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What makes you want to run through walls? or 13 miles?

Months ago after watching this video a foster friend of mine said it made him want to run through walls. I agreed. For me its the orphan crisis. Its orphans. I want to run through walls. It sets my heart on fire. It keeps me up at night . It keeps me pushing myself and my family out of our comfort zone. I talk about it. Dream about it. Recruit for it. Cry about it. And now I run for it. There is a race and a family. The race is the Chosen Marathon and the family is the Garza's. I will be running and raising money to help bring their babies home. 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Films About Ghosts

I am finally doing our last placement's book. It has been over a year since they left.

When kids leave, I make a book on Shutterfly of the pictures I have of them. It is something I need to do; yet, it is something I hate to do. I have to write the ending to a chapter when I don't know the ending. I scroll through the picture files on my computer and one day, the kids are there; the next, they're gone. *Poof* One day, we are feeding ducks as a family of five. The next, we are at a restaurant as a family of three. I seal off their rooms and donate the stuff they couldn't take. I zumba, remodel, eat dump cake, drink wine, and somehow find a new norm. Until two more kids appear in my picture files. Then, we find another new norm until they disappear. Sometimes, I think I forget. Then I start making their book and realize I never forgot at all. I arrange the pictures. I label the pages. I give name to their time here. I remember all the things documented, and all the things not. I remember the truck pulling off and turning away before it disappeared because I could not stand to watch it roll out of sight.