Friday, February 17, 2012

All about Isaiah 20 months

I decided to do something different this month for Isaiah. I am going to do 20 things I love about you at twenty months.
1) Your dancing - You dance all the time. Yesterday we walked into a restaurant and you dug the beat and just busted a move as soon as you heard it. You make your toys play music and dance. If one of your shows plays some music that you like you run to where ever I am and show me your moves. Love this!
2) All your new language. I love this stage of development it is my favorite! You say baby, horse, mama, Matt, Bubba, Nana, apple, horse, bye bye, night night, love you, nose, mouth, shoes, sock, and so much more.
3) Watching you eat a whole apple.
4) The way your nose wrinkles up when you smell something. Which you do all the time.
5) When you pray. You fold your hands up by your face and mumble some stuff then say "Amen"
6) When you jump you say "1,2,3!" then you jump and it is stinking cute.
7) That you call your Dada "Matt" ( he doesn't love this but I think its cute)
8) Your laugh is addicting. Always has been, always will be. End of story.
9) How when you really love a food you eat very aggressively and say "nom nom nom"
10) You wink is really more of a blink...but your flirting
11) Your name... on your birth certificate... and that my name is on there too
12) Your kisses opened mouth, rare, and amazing
13) Your love of products especially body butter which you ask for by name "bobba bubba"
14) That when you fall asleep in the car you put your arms above your head and cross your ankles
15) You skip:) all the time
16) That when you see a dinosaur, a lion, or a pig you ROAR!
17) How when you really want something you whisper it
18) When you shush people it's kind of hilarious because you are so stinking loud.
19) You are a really beautiful kid
20) That you are mine and honestly if I could have handpicked your traits they would be all the ones you have. Funny, fast, strong, couragoeous, joyful, and stubborn.
Yesterday one of my friends kiddos said "Whenever I see Isaiah's face it is happy" I love that! Son you keep me on my toes and keep me laughing and keep me praying, and dancing, and doing all the things I should. You make me better at being me, I hope I can do the same for you.