Sunday, July 7, 2013


I get tired of so many things in this life. Tired of the drama . Tired of the failures. Tired of the suspense and the not knowing. I tire of the trauma. I tire of the transition. I tire of case workers. Standards. Countless appointments. Of training's. Of the burden to educate others. Of the constant need. The tension. Heartache. Frustration. The feeling of running up hill through rapidly drying concrete. The stigma. The misunderstanding. The alienation that comes with being a different kind of family. But I doubt that I will ever tire of watching God chase after his children. I doubt I will ever bore of getting a front row seat to God ransoming his children and using our extra bedrooms and places at the dinner table to do it. I will never tire of watching in total surprise as the Creator of the Universe takes our brokenness and produces fruit with it.