Monday, June 13, 2011

Circle Of Moms

Voting for my blog will help me drum up readership. I would love that.
I have this blog/soapbox/platform for several reasons.
First, I want to process this journey of foster care and adoption which is amazing, humbling, awe-inspiring, lonely, sad, scary, gut-wrenching, beautiful, and right in the center of where I am supposed to be.
Second, I want to encourage and inspire other foster and adoptive moms and families because I remember when my first foster daughters went back home, I was overcome by grief; I didn't know how to process it and didn't have anyone in my life who had been through what I was experiencing. I scoured the internet trying to find someone whose blog I could read, someone whose common ground I could stand on and whose words and experiences could help me learn to deal and learn to heal. Honestly, I came up short. I found plenty on adoption but not too much on my particular niche in the adoptive arena. That was when I decided that maybe I could attempt to do for others what I couldn't find for myself.
Last, and equally important, I want to inform people; I want to disprove stigmas and deconstruct stereotypes. I want people to see foster care and adoption as something in the realm of their possibilities. I want people to see my family and realize we are simply a family trying to love Jesus and each other as best we can. I want to attach names, stories, and faces to orphans so they become more personal and less distant. I want to challenge people to realize that the orphan crisis is everyone's crisis and that there are many things we, in both small and large ways, can do to unite the lonely with families and turn orphans into sons and daughters.

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  1. Woo-hoo! I'll vote for you every day! I love reading your blog and know it will serve as major encouragement to anyone considering fostering (or already in the trenches!)

  2. I found your blog thru the contest. We too are foster parents who love Jesus and kids. We have an Isaiah too who we will Lord willing be adopting along with his twin brother Kaden in ONE WEEK. I like reading your blog


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