Wednesday, June 8, 2011

All about Isaiah 11 months-ish

This boy is growing so fast and melting my heart! He is so fun and smart, and sweet, and cute. I feel so incredibly blessed that God chose me to be his mother.I am over the moon. I want to remember every single moment and it is going by all too fast!So I am trying to do these post periodically to document some stuff.

Foods: CRACKERS! and mostly fruits and vegetables.Your favorites are tomatoes and watermelon. You eat almost anything and a lot of it! You do not like bread, or bananas.

Music: You LOVE it . Whenever a song comes on with a beat that you like you stop what you are doing pull up and dance. You also love patty cake and know all the motions to do with it!

Activities: Practicing standing you do this all day. Pull up, gain your balance, let go of whatever you are holding onto, stand a few seconds, fall, repeat. But when you do this you are so proud you raise your hands over your head and have a huge smile on your face.You are SO BIG! You also love getting in the dog bowl, pulling books of the shelf and playing with kitchenware, and taking a bath.

You can: CRAWL you are all over the place, you are cruising, you sign more, you blow kisses, you wave, and "roll it up" (Patty Cake), feed yourself

Things that make you laugh: Wrestling you love to roughhouse, your Daddy (when you hear the back door open in the afternoon your whole body gets excited and you start shrieking), feeding me of your plate

New Stuff- you chirp usually when you are kinda frustrated.

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