Tuesday, October 4, 2011

All about Isaiah 15 months

I know I haven't kept these updated but here is more about my love!

Food: Pickier and pickier every day. I have no idea how you maintain your almost 30 pound frame on a diet of green beans, corn, carrots, cheese sticks, yogurt,cereal, apple sauce, the random bean, stray noodle, and occasional cracker.

Activities: I though you were busy before but you are really all over now! You run and climb. You love books right now and being outside. I will find you sitting in one of the rooms reading a book, making little noises. You especially like books with animals in them. You climb the step stool in the bathroom, in the window sill, in the laundry basket, and on the furniture.

Things that make you laugh: peek a boo, when I run in place, you still love wrestling, and being splashed or sprayed with water.You also love going down the slide (contrary to documentation)

New stuff: Well since my last post you have done so much started walking, and running. Your newest trick is stairs. Moved to one nap in the afternoon. Got your first haircut, got your one year molars.

Stuff that makes me swoon: Still your kisses, when you say "boo" when you are trying to sneak up on me. That you love music especially worship music, you dance and sway your arms. The way you sleep most nights with your booty in the air and your legs tucked up under you.

I love you for these reasons and countless others. So thankful that you are my son!

PS In nine short days you will be legally free for adoption!!!!


So glad your here! So talk to me!