Monday, July 4, 2011

All about Isaiah 1 year old!

You are a year old now and I cannot believe it. You are changing so much every day and I wish I could slow it down. But here are some facts about you.

Food: well you are basically vegan now. Fruits and veggies are your favorites. You are over the crackers now. Every once in a while I can get you to eat fish and cheese and maybe if I am lucky chicken.

Activities- You are SUPER busy! You move all day long. You love water and search it out as often as possible whether that be the toilet or the dog bowl you love it. We go to the spray park at least once a week and you have a blast! You are not afraid of any of it. You also have started pushing stuff that rolls you push my old red barbie car around on your knees, you push the grocery cart around while you stand up. You love dancing and playing your new guitar toy that you got for your birthday!

Things that make you laugh- still wrestling, when your Daddy holds you and jumps

New stuff- sticking our your tongue. so funny because I will stick mine out at you then you stick yours out and feel it with your hands to make sure it is the same. you have also said dog and ball.

Things that make me swoon- your feet are always crossed at the ankles when you are sitting, when you are sleeping in your crib, even when you are standing and holding onto something. You have gotten to be a little more affectionate , while you will never be a cuddly baby (you are too busy for that!) You have started giving little hugs and kisses.

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