Friday, June 15, 2012


I recently went through a very long dry season spiritually. For a lot of reasons. But the other day I was praying and just going on about how dry my spirit was feeling and how desperate I was for fresh water on my parched soul. I felt like the Lord said "Of course you are in a dry season you have not been coming to the well of living water" I am sure this is Christianity/Spirituality 101 for all of you but it is revolutionary for me. So I have been going to the well trying to be consistent in prayer and devotion and the word and worship. I am trying to learn to abide in peace and joy and the Holy Spirit. Sometimes I do ok. Then my toddler locks himself and his brother in my van with my keys and my cell. Or a huge bill accidentally gets paid two times out of our account. Or my other toddler wont nap. Or someone gets sick. Or .... or...or...or.....
How do you abide then? I know God is bigger than my circumstances. I know that toddlers not napping is cake compared to what other people are wrestling with. But I want to know how do you abide in the midst of the chaos that is life? Does it get easier with practice?


  1. It (going to the well) doesn't come easy for me. I may not have the same distractions or obsticles that you do, but I frequently fail to do my part in my relationship with the Lord. Recently, I have noticed that if I purposefully set aside quiet time with Him (in my Bible or just in prayer) in the morning, my whole day has more order and joy to it. Things don't bother me as much as they normally would and I am more able to be His hands and feet when I come to Him each morning. So, my suggestion is to set aside purposeful time with your maker each morning so that you can abide in Him every day. Thinking about you, Rachel...

  2. I have no brilliant advice for you. However, I do firmly believe that if it were easy, we'd neither WORK to strengthen our relationship with Him, nor APPRECIATE the times that we are able talk with Him and hear Him.


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