Friday, April 8, 2011

All about Isaiah- 9 months

I have seen other mommies blog on there kiddos birthdays so i thought I would try it.

Favorite Foods: You like most everything. Rice, refried beans, avacado, fruits, broccoli, cheerios, zuchini, tomatoes, cheese, and egg salad. You love Ritz crackers and hate turkey.

Favorite Things to do: Wrestle! You LOVE to be rough housed and thrown around. You like playing peek a boo. You love bath time and swinging at the park.

Things you are not so crazy about: riding in the jogging stroller, sleeping, tummy time (I think this is why even though you are right on the cusp of crawling you haven't done it yet.)

Favorite songs: Jesus loves me, The itsy Bitsy Spider, Patty Cake. You love music, in church during worship you get quiet and stare.

Milestones: you have lots of teeth, you clap, you sit up on your own and you are about to crawl!

Things that make you special: You are super active and verbal. You love to move and talk loudly! You laugh and smile easily. I think this is a great quality and something I have always loved about your Daddy!

Favorite toys: You like this talking dog things every time it makes a noise you grab it and bite its nose. You also like to play with your hair pick.

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