Thursday, March 24, 2011

What's For Dinner? Wednesday

I am thinking about adding this feature to my blog and I want your opinion. I am kinda a food snob but I am also poor, and most of the time have to feed children. That being said I have a lot of delicous (in my opinion), simple, cost friendly, and most of the time kid friendly recipes. Do you all think I should share them? Leave a comment with your thoughts! Thanks


  1. Yes! I LOVE trying new (tried and true) recipes!

  2. I say yes. To get the ball rolling I will share one with you. Beef & Noodles. I use beef shank, It's cheap and has lots of flavor. Trimm all the fat. The meat is basically in little medalions to begin with. I brown them, add mushrooms, wine and onions. Ah but the children you say!!! Cheat and add a boulion cube and a little kitchen bouquet and leave out the wine. Saute mushrooms and onions on the side for you and the man. Cook the meat in the slow cooker until it fork tender, thicken the liquid, and serve over egg noodles. Children can have buttered noodles if they are unsure. If the kids are being really great you can add food coloring to buttered noodles and they can blue, green, or whatever color their little hearts desire. The meat is really flavorful, super hearty and satisfying, and cheap. Using the crock pot doesn't heat up the house either. I use the oven in winter but it's cold in Oregon.
    Carrot Cake & Rice =)

  3. Yeah, new ideas are always good. We keep eating the same stuff. There is also a blog I read sometimes called poorgirleatswell, that you might enjoy. I've gotten some ideas from her before.


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